Student Voices

Name: Emily Brown
Hometown: Jessup, Georgia
Major: Psychology
Country: Greece (Athens)

"Studying in Greece for a semester [spring 2016] as part of an international exchange program has been an enriching, wonderful and beautiful learning experience. I was able to study in the place where learning began. From my time studying in Greece, I have gained friends from all around the world. The experience gave me a recognition of Greece's past and present culture. Spending my time going to museums and exploring ruins such as the Acropolis, has transported me to Ancient Greece. I will remember my Grecian experience fondly as I continue with my studies at the College of Coastal Georgia."

Name: Mariaelena Navarro
Hometown: Brunswick, Georgia
Major: AA English
Country: Spain (Madrid)

“Studying abroad in Spain was everything I wanted it to be and more. Between the Sunday Market, museums, churros, and enchanting language, my time in Madrid was well worth it. The field trips were enriching experiences that collaborated with what you were learning in class so you had a lot of fun. I took a Cervantes/Shakespeare course and got to see an opera version of Macbeth and a Twelfth Night play. Every day was a guaranteed memorable learning experience! On my off time I got to explore the city and even took short trips to other countries (Italy, Germany, the U.K.). Prepare to do a lot while you're there, but it's worth it all!”

Name: Beth Posey
Hometown: Rossville, Georgia
Major: Public Management
Country: United Kingdom (London)

“I had the most amazing time studying abroad in London. Who knew that I could make the friends and memories that I did while abroad. My experience allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and explore the world as well as getting a wonderful education. Seeing different cultures and different living standards really opened my eyes and made me realize all this world has to offer. Studying abroad in London and being gone for five weeks is exactly what I needed in my life. I am so grateful for this opportunity and the memories that I made.”

Name: Cameron Foster
Hometown: Ludowici, Georgia
Major:Criminal Justice
Country: France (Paris)

"During my time in Paris, I thought about many things, from the Bars that F. Scott would drink at, to the walls that Hemmingway would gaze upon, I walked the streets with no destination or agenda; much like those before me. I partied with the people of Paris just like I imagine Zelda Fitzgerald did all those restless nights ago. I embraced a strange and foreign culture, just like Baldwin would have. I met people from all over the world. I am the representative of not only the College of Coastal Georgia, but also the United States of America. Even though I didn’t learn much French, I did learn a lot about myself, and I can’t put a price on that. I lived my summer in Paris, where I found: love, friends, food, questions, and answers. I wander the streets and the world, because not all those who wander are lost."

Name: Cody Haynes
Hometown: Nahunta, Georgia
Major: Business Administration (marketing concentration)
Country: Ireland (Waterford)

"My study abroad trip to Ireland was completely beyond my comfort zone as I had neither been on a plane before nor traveled outside the United States. Overall, the experience was an amazing learning opportunity. The classes and instructors were engaging and lively, epitmizing living and learning in Ireland. I met a lot of people from different cultures who held different worldviews, values, and beliefs that gave me a greater appreciation for diversity and helped me grow as an individual and global citizen. I would recommend studying abroad to anyone and everyone!"

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