Admission - Next steps

After the Office of Admission has admitted you to the College of Coastal Georgia,the International Student Services will assist you in completing the next steps.

Step 1: Submit Confirmation of Enrollment
Upon receiving your letter of admission, please complete and submit the International Student Confirmation of Enrollment Form.

STEP 2: SUBMIT Affidavit of Support
To complete your acceptance and begin the process of obtaining your I-20, documentation is required to confirm that you have funding to cover your tuition, room, board, and fee expenses at the College of Coastal Georgia.

The amount that you must certify for the first year will depend on your tuition classification status and whether you will live on-campus or off-campus (estimated cost of attendance, which includes tuition, fees, books, room & board, and other expenses budget) minus the amount of any tuition waiver and/or financial assistance from the College of Coastal Georgia. For example, an international student who plans to live off-campus, awarded Athletic Financial Aid ($6,250) and an academic presidential waiver, which changes the student’s tuition classification to “Resident,” would need to certify $7,682 for the first year.

Step 3: Apply for a Student Visa Because the visa application process can take a longer than expected, you need to begin your visa application as soon as you receive your I-20 Certificate of Eligibility (for F-1 visa). Please contact International Student Services, if you have any questions.

Step 4: Complete Immunization Form
The State of Georgia requires that all public institutions look for immunization records. Download the Immunization Form.

Step 5: Apply for Housing
Freshmen international students are required to live in one of the College of Coastal Georgia's residence halls for the first year. Transfer international students can choose to live in a residence hall or a private apartment. Submit your housing application to reside on campus. Please direct your housing questions to Residence Life and Housing at

Step 6: Register for International Student Orientation
All newly-admitted freshman and transfer international students must attend the International Student Orientation. To register and learn more, please email International Student Services.

STEP 7: Complete Registration
Immediately after the international student orientation, you will complete your course registration through International Student Services.

SEVIS Transfer

If you are admitted as an international transfer student, you will need to complete a Transfer-In Form and provide it along with your letter of admission to your current institution. Once completed, please submit your Transfer-In Form to International Student Services to help us determine if you are eligible for a SEVIS transfer.

After your SEVIS transfer release date, the College of Coastal Georgia will be able to access your SEVIS record and create an I-20 for you.

You are required to report to International Student Services in the Office of Admissions within 15 days of the reporting date on your I-20, or you may risk losing your immigration status.

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